Some 1,500 Chinese tourists trapped in typhoon

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The consulate general has set up a 24-hour hotline on Thursday, and received nearly 200 calls from Chinese tourists searching for help after their flights were canceled due to Typhoon Yutu.

Local authorities were in efforts to resume flights on Saturday.

The majority of the trapped Chinese flied to Saipan via domestic charter flights, while a few took flights of foreign airlines.

Yutu, which hit the island territories overnight on Wednesday, caused extensive damage to critical infrastructure on Saipan and Tinian islands, and displaced many families, said the Northern Mariana Islands Governor's Office.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- The Consulate General of China in Los Angeles confirmed on Friday there were about 1,2000 Chinese tourists trapped in Saipan by Super Typhoon Yutu, which hit the Northern Mariana Islands and caused extensive infrastructure damages.

The consulate general and other related domestic departments are working on evacuation plans of Chinese citizens after local airport resumes navigation.

The Chinese tourists hoped to leave the disaster area as soon as possible, said the consulate general in a release.

With sustained winds of over 270 km per hour, the powerful storm tore up roofs and pulled down trees and power lines in the Marianas, the office said.

Currently, no casualties of Chinese citizens have been reported, said the consulate general, adding their accommodation and food have been guaranteed.